Digital Map To Speed Up Construction Work In South Moravia

By spring 2023, the governing administration of the South Moravian Region plans to produce a digital technical map to facilitate construction work in the region. Credit: JMK.

Brno, Nov 4 (BD) – The digital technical map (DTM) is a database that contains information on the current state of natural or artificial objects and structures present on the territory.

This will allow the public to know the morphology of the territory (for example the presence of buildings, roads, columns, trees, etc.) and the engineering networks that are located in the area, giving rise to a real mapping of the territory.

The DTM will acquire the information from the archives containing computer and server data.

“The goal is to create a digital technical map of the regions under the Construction Act. This includes all technical infrastructure above ground and underground. The coverage of the territory of the Czech Republic with these digital technical maps is an important prerequisite for accelerating the preparation of the constructions as well as the construction procedures,” said regional councilor Jiří Hlavenka (Pirati).

“The project will cost CZK 235 million in South Moravia. Almost 200 million people, or 85%, will be covered by the subsidies of the Operational Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Competitiveness, the rest will be provided by the South Moravian Region with its own resources,” added Hlavenka.

The digital technical map of the South Moravian region is expected to be produced by March 2023.

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