74-Year Old Suspended By One Leg From Paternoster Elevator In Ceska Posta Building

A 74-year-old woman got caught hanging upside down from a height of two meters in the iconic paternoster elevator at the Czech Post building at Brno’s Hlavni Nadrazi. The woman was unharmed, apart from a slightly sore leg. Photo: Brno City Police / MP Brno via Facebook.

Brno, Nov 3 (BD) – “The city police patrol could not believe their eyes after entering the station post office building,” said a spokesperson for the Brno City Police. “From a height of about two meters, a senior woman was hanging upside down by one leg. Two men were trying to support her, so the officers immediately replaced them and were supporting her for about seven minutes until the firefighters arrived.”

Photo: Brno City Police / MP Brno via Facebook.

The firefighters then cut out part of the wooden structure of the elevator and, with the help of the police, brought the woman down.

“The woman complained to the police about her clumsiness, and said that if someone had told her this, she would not believe them. However, she could not explain how she had fallen out of the elevator with her whole body while moving upwards,” added the police spokesperson.

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