Czech Republic Increases Support For Education and Research At The European Level

The Czech Liaison Office for Education and Research (CZELO) officially acquired a new role last week, and is now working to support and promote Czech education and research institutions from an international cooperational perspective. Photo Credit: CZELO headquarters in Brussels / DZS.

Czech Rep, Oct 4 (BD) – The Czech Liaison Office for Education and Research (CZELO) opened in Brussels in 2005, but has now been absorbed into the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS). Since last week, the CZELO office will now focus on supporting international cooperation in education, and not only in the field of research and development.

The office’s headquarters are in Brussels, a few steps from the European institutions, so the office is easily able to share its results in its fields of activity. Although the office has been operational since the beginning of 2021, it had not yet been officially launched. The new businesses and offices were publicly opened last week with an opening party held in Prague.

The open day was attended by Czech representatives of the European institutions and representatives of the Czech academic system. Education Minister Robert Plaga was also present, accompanied by the Director of DZS, Dana Petrova.

CZELO was opened by the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports – Robert Plaga, in the Prague House in Brussels. Credit: CZELO.

“Our aim, we resolved, together with the CZELO team, is to help to achieve intensive involvement of Czech educational and research institutions in European community programmes. Therefore, CZELO activities will develop to provide Czech stakeholders with the best possible information service and logistics support for enhancing the prestige of Czech education and research in Brussels,” said Petrova.

The office’s primary role is to provide information and advice for both public institutions and private Czech research organizations, and it organizes workshops, seminars, conferences, congresses and other international meetings in Brussels.

“Our integration into European educational space, respectively European research space, is essential for strengthening the international competitiveness of the Czech economy and prosperity of Czech society. We have no doubt that CZELO’s role will contribute to this goal,” added Petrova.

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