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South Moravia Sees Third Highest Increase In Temperatures In The Czech Republic Since 1960s

According to data from the European Data Journalism Network, the estimated average yearly temperature in Brno was 7.7°C during the 1960s, and 10.2°C in 2009-18. The increase of 2.5 degrees is the third highest in the Czech Republic in that period. Photo Credit: Freepik.

Brno, Sep 21 (BD) – Global warming is affecting our backyards, as well as icebergs, sea levels, and deserts. The European Data Journalism Network analyzed temperature data from over 100,000 European municipalities in 35 countries. The estimated average yearly temperature has increased by at least 1°C in the last 50 years in all 6,077 municipalities in the Czech Republic included in the study. 

The estimated average yearly temperature in South Moravia was 7.7°C during the 1960s, while it rose to 10.2°C in 2009-18. This increase of 2.5 degrees was the third highest among the regions of the Czech Republic.

Temperatures rise faster in some municipalities or regions than others due to various factors, such as population density and use of land. 

A gradual increase is forecast in temperatures this week, peaking at 25°C over the weekend in Brno. 

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