Life Satisfaction In The Czech Republic Is Close To The EU Average

Recent data on the quality of life in the EU highlights variations in satisfaction with different areas of life between EU member countries. Overall life satisfaction in the Czech Republic is 7.4 out of 10, compared to an EU average of 7.3. Photo Credit: KK / BD.

Czech Rep., Sep 3 (BD) – A recent study from Eurostat estimates quality of life across the EU, using various statistical indicators in combination with a survey of citizen’s subjective assessments of their life satisfaction in different areas. All this data was then put together to determine an average overall life satisfaction score for each country, out of 10. The areas included in the research were housing, employment, use of time, material living conditions, social relations, education, health, safety, governance, and the environment.

The Czech Republic has a life satisfaction score of 7.4, slightly above the EU average of 7.3. The lowest overall score was recorded in Bulgaria (5.4), while Finland and Ireland had the highest level of life satisfaction, with 8.1.

Czech respondents to the survey reported satisfaction levels slightly above the EU average with the state of their finances, their housing situation, their employment circumstances, their satisfaction with personal relationships and their living environment. For use of time, the Czech score was exactly the EU average of 6.7/10, despite Czechs working almost three hours more per week on average than the EU as a whole.

However, Czechs fell below the EU average on certain indicators. Only 62% evaluated their health as ‘good’ or ‘very good’, compared to an EU average of 68) (good/very good). Only 21% reported feeling safe walking alone by night (EU: 27%), and the score for trust in the legal system was just 3.8/10 (EU: 4.5).

For more information, Eurostat has created an interactive infographic tool for exploring the data in more detail. 

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