In Photos: ‘Mysterious Bond’ Exhibition Depicts Relationship Between Czech Republic and Israel

Yesterday, the ‘Mysterious Bond’ exhibition opened in front of the Mahen Theatre on Malinovského náměstí. The exhibition charts the history of relations between Israel and the Czech Republic and will be open to the public until 30th September. Photo Credit: SM / BD.  

Brno, Sep 2 (BD) – From August 31st to September 30th, the space in front of the Mahen Theater on Malinovského náměstí will host an exhibition ‘The Mysterious Bond’, charting the history of relations between Israel and the Czech Republic. The exhibition opened officially yesterday.  

The exhibition, initiated by the Israeli Embassy in the Czech Republic, was created a year ago in Prague to mark the 30th anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relations between Israel and Czechoslovakia. It now arrives in Brno, transferred to an outside environment from its original setting indoors.

Visitors can explore the relationship between the Czech and Jewish nations through several selected events and little-known phenomena, from the first documents of the Czech language in Hebrew manuscripts to the re-establishment of diplomatic relations after the Velvet Revolution in 1990.

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Credit: SM / BD.

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