Křížkovského Closed Until Mid-October For Water and Sewer System Repairs

Reconstruction work on the water supply and sewerage system in the Křížkovského area is moving to the next stage. As a result, a 500-section of Křížkovského and some adjacent streets will be closed sometime this week until October 15th. Photo Credit: Kopeme za Brno.

Brno, Jul 12 (BD) – Starting this week, closures will apply on Křížkovského in a 500-metre section between Poříčí and Hlinky. Traffic will also be restricted on parts of Výstavní, Veletržní, Zedníkova, and Poříčí, and the pedestrian crossing between Veletržní and Výstaviště streets and at the intersection of Hlinky – Výstavní streets will be impassable while the construction work is in active progress.

Road traffic will be diverted along Lipová, Vaňkovo nám., Tvrdého, Úvoz, Mendlovo nám., Křížová, Poříčí and Bauerova. This route will be clearly signposted.

As part of the complete closure of Křížkovského, there will be changes to the operation of public transport lines 44, 52, 84, and N98. Up-to-date information is available on the DPMB website.

The closures in the area are scheduled to end on October 15th.

Map: Closures in the area of ​​Hlinka – Výstavní. Credit: Kopeme za Brno.

Map: Closures in the area of ​​Křížkovského, Zedníkova and Rybářská. Credit: Kopeme za Brno.

Map: Closures in the area of ​​Křížkovského, Rybářská, Poříčí. Credit: Kopeme za Brno.

Map: Closures on Křížkovského in front of the main entrance to the Brno Exhibition Center (BVV). Credit: Kopeme za Brno.

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