15-Year-Old Found In Svratka Died By Drowning; No Others Suspected of Involvement

A 15-year-old boy went missing on April 14th. A few days later, police recovered a body from the River Svratka at Jundrov. Investigators officially concluded the case this week. The autopsy report showed that the young man had drowned, with no involvement from any other person suspected. Photo credit: Policie CR.

Brno, Jul 9 (BD) – On May 4th, witnesses alerted police after a paddler came across a body floating on the surface of the River Svratka at Jundrov, near Veslařská. The body was removed from the river by police divers, and his identity was confirmed. The police were aided in their search by hundreds of volunteers. A Facebook group created to help find him was joined by over 8,500 people.

Forensic investigators have now established the cause of death. “The autopsy report has concluded that the young man drowned and any external cause for the death was ruled out,” said Bohumil Malášek of the South Moravian Police earlier this week.

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