New Regulations Introduced For Parking In Brno-střed Courtyards

From Monday this week, new regulations came into force for the entrances to eight courtyards in the Brno-střed district. The changes were made by the city district in response to the needs of the residents. Photo Credit: Brno-Střed District.

Czech Rep., June 16 (BD) – As of Monday this week, Brno-střed district has introduced modified regulations for access to eight courtyards, at the request of residents, after the inner blocks had become a parking area for many non-residents.

“In the courtyards, which local residents had used for years and almost always found a space, suddenly other cars began appearing in large numbers. And because many citizens turned to the city district with this problem, we asked the City of Brno for a solution, which we developed and prepared together. I’m glad that it is finally in operation,” said Jan Mandát, Brno-střed councilor for transport.

Traffic signs have been placed In the courtyards, which allow entry only to residents and authorized people from the adjacent houses. Authorization can be processed via the user’s website or at the contact office of the City of Brno at Zvonařka 5. The administrative fee for processing the authorization is CZK 200. 

Checks will be carried out in the courtyards by employees of the City district and the police, who will also have access to a database to check directly whether the vehicle is allowed to enter the courtyard at a specific address. Since only authorized people can access, parking spaces in the courtyard will not be marked with a blue line. However, the entry permit does not entitle the holder to exemption from regulations.

“Although our inspectors cannot issue fines on the spot, they can verify information on the validity of the authorization in the system, according to the vehicle’s registration number. In the first phase, we will only warn citizens, later we will cooperate with the police and call them to impose fines on those who violate the rules,” said Mandát.

New regulations apply in the courtyards located in the following streets:

  • Dřevařská–Bayerova
  • Čápkova–Jana Uhra
  • Grohova–Čápkova
  • Rybářská–Křížkovského
  • Rybářská–Veletržní
  • Nádvorní–Náplavka
  • Křídlovická–Nové sady
  • Nové sady
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