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Preventive Chewable Covid-19 Tests Available To The Public

St. Anne’s Hospital in Brno (FNUSA) has opened a public site for preventive chewable tests for Covid-19. In April, the laboratory at FNUSA tested several samples from some private schools in Brno, observing advantages in their ease of application and especially the high detection sensitivity. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Brno, June 11 (BD) – St. Anne’s Hospital has opened another site to make preventive chewable tests for Covid-19 available to self-payers and those covered by health insurance companies. At first, these tests were provided only for schoolchildren, due to their ease of application and the high reliability of the results.

“The test uses a sterile and highly absorbent chewable swab, which is placed in the mouth, left in the mouth for a minute or two and then returned to the test tube,” said Dr. Filip Ovesný, the business deputy of FNUSA.

Adults and children over the age of three can use the test, and the result will be ready within 24 hours. For school children, results are communicated to the school by e-mail and to the parents by SMS before leaving for school the day after the test. Upon request, the parent will receive a certificate of a negative PCR test from the school (required for leisure activities, before medical procedures, and for travel abroad)

It is necessary to pre-order the test at the St. Anne’s Hospital website.

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