Artists’ Facilities At Bolek Polívka Theater To Be Renovated

The performers’ quarters at Bolek Polívka Theater will be fully renovated with the help of city funds. The project is expected to be completed within three months, just in time for the new season. Photo Credit: Bolek Polívka Theatre.

Brno, June 6 (BD) – Performers at the Bolek Polívka Theater will begin the new theater season enjoying fully renovated facilities. The reconstruction will be covered by the city, which owns the non-residential premises of the theater on Jakubské náměstí 5. 

“The Bolek Polívka Theater is one of the symbols of Brno and brings very high quality culture without large subsidies from public money, which was one of the reasons why we made this investment even with the city budget in a difficult situation,” said Jiří Oliva (CSSD), Deputy Mayor for Asset Management. According to Oliva, the reconstruction of the sanitary facilities will be carried out by the Brno company Varsta s.r.o., whose offer was the best value for money among six bidders. The work will be carried out for less than CZK 950,000 without VAT, CZK 400,000 less than originally anticipated. “I am glad that we are succeeding in saving taxpayers’ money thanks to open tenders,” added Oliva.

Water pipes, sewers, sanitary equipment, electrical installations, lighting, fans and partition walls of cabins will be replaced, as well as floors and walls. The project is expected to be completed in the next three months, ready for the beginning of the new season.

The first performance at the Bolek Polívka Theater was staged in May 1993, but the building has been dedicated to dramatic arts since 1947, when the newly-established Free Theater took over the premises.

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