Brno Underground: Nuclear Bunker “Denis” To Open For Visitors

TIC Brno is about to open the “Denis” nuclear bunker to visitors, adding to the rich collection of Brno’s underground attractions. The 66-year-old shelter, with 900 meters of corridors, will open this May. Photo Credit: Michal Růžička / TIC BRNO.

Czech Rep., May 24 (BD) – Brno’s underground is full of surprises. This May, the city will gain a new underground attraction, as TIC Brno opens the “Denis” nuclear bunker to visitors. This civil defense facility will enrich the already ample collection of attractions beneath your feet in Brno, such as the Reservoirs on Žlutý kopec, the Labyrinth under Zelný trh, Constance at Sv. Jakub’s Church, or the Mintmaster’s Cellar under Dominikánské náměstí.

“Denis” is a 66-year-old shelter that has been kept as untouched as possible: empty corridors, old equipment, personal belongings stored here and there… every effort was made in the name of authenticity. The shelter was excavated into the massif below Petrov in three stages between 1946 and 1955, gradually extending to the current system of 900 meters of corridors, going down to 35 meters in some areas. The complex has three entrances from the corner of Nádražní and Husova, as well as emergency exits leading to the Capuchin Gardens and directly into the cellars of the Capuchin Monastery. In the event of a serious emergency, up to 3,000 people could hide in the corridors. 

“It was important for us to keep the shelter in its raw form so that visitors can imagine what it would be like to survive here for 3 to 4 days,” said Jana Janulíková, director of TIC BRNO. “Each of the underground facilities is something special and unique. With their diversity, scope and design ingenuity, they amaze not only tourists, but also Brno residents themselves.” To ensure that no detail is lost, guided tours are provided. 

The Denis bunker will open as soon as government regulations allow. To find out more about individual tours, prices, and rules for visitors, see the Brno Underground website

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Photos: “Denis” Nuclear Bunker. Credit: Michal Růžička / TIC BRNO.

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