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Access To Online Property Cadastre To Be Restricted To Registered Users

From June, anonymous users will no longer have access to the names of property owners via the online real estate cadastre. This data will be available only to registered users. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., May 6 (BD) – From June, the complete data in the Real Estate Cadastre Internet App will be available only to registered users through the National Point of Identification and Authentication Portal, known as e-Identita, or through an account for remote access to the Real Estate Cadastre. Unregistered users will only see basic information about real estate.

The Czech Surveying and Cadastre Office (ČÚZK) attributed the decision to an extreme increase in the number of requests for the information. The Internet application enabling access to the real estate cadastre has been responding slower since the beginning of this year. According to ČÚZK, this is due to software robots scanning the cadastre. 

ČÚZK solved the problem in mid-March by strengthening the technological infrastructure of the application. However, due to the increase of automated data extraction, the situation from the beginning of this year would probably reappear sooner or later. For this reason, the authority decided to limit the availability of data to anonymous users.

“The problems were due to an extreme increase in the number of accesses to the application, which was largely due to illegal database extraction,” the office said. In this way, the office wants to increase privacy and the protection of personal data kept in the cadastre. 

The Real Estate Cadastre contains a large amount of important data on land and selected buildings and their owners. Among other things, it is a source of information for tax and fee purposes. It also includes records of ownership and other material rights to real estate.

“Modifying the application will not cause major complications for ordinary users,” the office said. At the same time, the office guaranteed that access to data would remain free.

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