Festival Celebrates 70 Years Of Electron Microscopy In Brno

From April 14th-18th, the City of Brno is hosting the Days of Electron Microscopy festival, to commemorate 70 years since the creation of the first Czechoslovak electron microscope. The event includes online discussions and lectures with leading scientists, as well as outdoor activities and the Microworld exhibition in náměstí Svobody. Photo Credit: NS / BD.

Brno, Apr 16 (BD) – From April 14th-18th, the City of Brno is celebrating the anniversary of the creation of the first Czechoslovak electron microscope, Tesla BS 241, at the fifth annual Days of Electron Microscopy festival. The outdoor attractions will include the Microworld exposition, an 11-meter nanostructure in náměstí Svobody exhibiting images from electron microscopes. Visitors can also use the Loxper app to take a 6-kilometer walk around the city, learning about the history of the devices.

“The route includes eight stops, starting at Malinovské náměstí and ending at the technical museum”, said the Deputy Mayor of Brno, Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti).

The program also includes online lectures and panel discussions with scientists, such as Ondřej Křivánek, the Czech scientist who won the Kavli Award last year in the field of astrophysics, nanosciences, and neurosciences.

During the festival, balls resembling electrons will fall out of the Brno Astronomical Clock every hour from 11am to 11pm.

However, this year visitors will not be able to watch a reconstruction of the clash between the Soviet and German armies under Veveří Castle. The organizers decided to cancel the event commemorating the liberation of Brno due to the pandemic.

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Photos: Nanostructure and information stands installed on Liberty Square (Náměstí Svobody) on the occasion of the Days of Electron Microscopy. Credit: BP / BD.

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