Saxony Eases Entry Conditions For Czech Commuters

Saxony has changed the quarantine regulations for Czech commuters, allowing quarantine-free entry from March 17th for any cross-border commuters who are essential to their employers to maintain operations. This is on condition that the employee presents a negative coronavirus test on each entry. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo.

Czech Rep., Mar 17 (BD) – The German state of Saxony has eased entry conditions for commuters from the Czech Republic, allowing workers who are essential to the operation of their employer to cross the border without having to quarantine. The amended regulation came into force today. Germany has also extended border controls with the Czech Republic for two weeks from today. 

According to the Czech General Consulate in Dresden, ‘‘All commuters who are systemically indispensable for their employer can now enter Saxony. In this case, the employer fills in a form, which they have confirmed with the relevant provincial authority. However, the condition for entry is daily testing as well as an ongoing obligation to register.’’

The recent amendment is motivated by the serious economic situation. ‘‘I am aware that this loosening of the entry conditions will actually lead to an increase in infection numbers. But it is very important for me that no one who is not tested daily can come to Saxony for work,’’ said Saxon Minister of Social Affairs Petra Köpping, who is also responsible for health care. 

From March 20th, schoolchildren, children going to kindergartens and those accompanying children to kindergartens may also enter Saxony without quarantine. Kindergarten children will be exempt from the daily test requirement. Quarantine-free entry also applies to close relatives or domestic partners, on condition of a daily negative coronavirus test.

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