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Government Retracts Guidance On “Double Masks” In Favour of Respirators Only

The tighter rules on facial coverings in indoor public spaces, which came into effect yesterday, originally permitted two surgical masks as a possible alternative. Last night Health Minister Jan Blatný (ANO) confirmed that this will no longer be an option from Monday, and all citizens should wear respirators in shops and on public transport. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrtaive Photo.

Czech Rep., Feb 26 (BD) – The government has updated the rules on acceptable facial coverings in public spaces, which came into force yesterday. On Monday, it was announced that home-made fabric masks would no longer be sufficient in shops, on public transport, and in other crowded public spaces, due to the spread of more aggressively contagious strains of the coronavirus that are now spreading in the Czech Republic. Instead, citizens should wear either respirators or two surgical masks, one on top of the other. 

Last night, however, Health Minister Jan Blatný clarified that only respirators will be acceptable from Monday. “The transition period for the two masks will end on March 1st, which is enough time for people to purchase FFP2 respirators. From now on, only a respirator will be sufficient in those places,” he said.

The tougher rules apply to shops, hospitals, public transport (including stops), and other outdoor areas where it is not possible to keep two metres of distance, but Blatný also said that employers who require their employees to continue coming to work in person will have to supply them with respirators from Monday.

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