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2021 Schedule For Expansion of Residential Parking Adjusted To Include More Districts

An updated schedule for the expansion of residential parking areas in 2021 was approved yesterday by Brno City Council. A part of area 6-01 (Štolcova) in Černovice will now also be established this year, and the schedule for residential parking areas in Královo pole to come into effect has been slightly adjusted. Photo Credit: KK / BD.

Brno, Feb 11 (BD) – The previously agreed schedule for the expansion of residential parking in Brno in 2021 included the areas 2-02 (Sirotkova), 2-03 (Elišky Machové), 2-04 (Haasova), 2-05 (Záhřebská), 3-04 (Poděbradova), 3-05 (Vackova), 3-06 (Berkova), and 3-07 (Mojmírovo náměstí). Following a decision by Brno City Council yesterday, it will now also include area 6-01 (Štolcova).

Updated Map of the Residential Parking Areas in Brno. Source: MMB.

“Residential parking will only apply in this area on Zvěřinova and Klíčova. Upgrades to traffic signage are already planned for these streets, and as the local authorities in Černovice have joined the residential parking system, it seemed sensible to use this opportunity to install signs related to residential parking at the same time. Representatives of the city district requested the inclusion of these two streets in the paid parking system as soon as possible due to the traffic from the previously established area 1-06 (Špitálka),” said Petr Kratochvíl (ODS), Brno council member for transport.

The scheduled dates for the Vackova, Poděbradova, Berkova and Mojmírovo náměstí areas to come into operation have also changed. The original schedule planned for the introduction of residential parking from August 18th in areas 3-04 (Poděbradova) and 3-05 (Vackova) and from November 1st in areas 3-06 (Berkova) and 3-07 (Mojmírovo náměstí). “The original plan did not take into account the continuity of the zones created in Králové Pole. With the consent of the city district, we have therefore chosen a more suitable and user-friendly implementation plan. The areas of Vackova, Poděbradova and Mojmírovo náměstí will be added to the residential parking system together on August 30th, and Berkova on November 8th,” explained Kratochvíl.

Further steps will be taken soon towards the implementation of residential parking in these areas, including the preparation of project documentation, the design of traffic signage and other preparations. All areas added this year will fall into zone C, meaning parking is regulated only from 5pm to 6am. Outside of this time, and on weekends and public holidays, parking is allowed in these areas without restrictions. Residents and business users are subject to the same rules as elsewhere. They must obtain the relevant permits and pay a fixed amount per year, depending on the type and number of vehicles covered by the permits.

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