In Brief: Man Fatally Injured In Collision With Tram In Brno-Komin

A middle-aged man died after being hit by a tram in Brno-Komín. Firefighters used a hydraulic jack to help free him from underneath the tram, but his injuries were severe and he died at the scene. Photo Credit: KB / BD.

Brno, Jan 29 (BD) – On Thursday evening, firefighters responded to help a middle-aged man who was hit by a tram in Brno-Komín just before 9pm. On their arrival, the firefighters secured the tram and using a hydraulic jack, they were able to release the victim who had become wedged underneath the vehicle. The operation took only 11 minutes. However, despite their efforts, the man was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Doctors, a rescue crew and a traffic inspector had been dispatched to the scene of the accident by the rescue operations centre. “The man suffered devastating injuries incompatible with life, and he died before the arrival of our crews. Unfortunately, we could no longer help him,” said Michaela Bothová, spokesperson for the rescue service.

The operation ended at 9:39pm.

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