Archaia Brno Completes 9-Metre Excavation Under Římské náměstí

The non-profit organisation Archaia Brno has completed the excavations on Římské náměstí. The archaeologists have reported on their findings, but further results are expected as researchers move onto the analytical part of the project. Photo credit: Archaia Brno.

Brno, Jan. 14 (BD) – Archaeological research is now complete on Františkánská, popularly known as Římské náměstí. Archaia Brno, the organization behind the project, has announced the conclusion of the excavation works, which have managed to explore four of the pits which go down to nine metres below the surface. However, only three of them were searched in full, leaving possibilities open for future projects.

The findings were mainly composed of ceramics, animal bones and glass. On the unconventional side, researchers also found a number of eggshells and rarely preserved fragments of textiles. Photo credit: Archaia Brno.

More surprising was the discovery of a human skull, lifted from the backfill of one of the wells. According to Archaia Brno’s Lenka Sedláčková, “Due to the absence of other skeletal remains, especially the mandible and cervical vertebrae, it can be judged that the skull was “only” moved from elsewhere, sometime during the 15th century. However, we can only speculate about how the skull got into the pit…”

The project does not end with the recovery of the artifacts; further discoveries are expected as the objects are analysed by the archaeological team. 

Archaia Brno is a Czech non-governmental non-profit organization which seeks to protect,  preserve and document. Beyond their archaeological and architectural research in historical monuments, they are dedicated to education, training and popularization in the field of archaeology and monument care.

The organization works mainly in Moravian towns and cities, especially Brno and Jihlava, focusing on public awareness of monument care and the preservation of heritage.

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