Brno Universities To Assist South Moravian Region With Vaccinations

Masaryk University (MUNI) and Brno University of Technology (BUT) have offered to help the South Moravian Region with the coronavirus vaccination program. Experts from BUT created a simulation to set up an effective system in regional vaccination centres, while MUNI is providing volunteers and facilities. Photo credit: Freepik / Illustrative photo.

Brno, Jan 12 (BD) – Brno universities have offered to assist the South Moravian Region with the coronavirus vaccination process and the running of the large-capacity vaccination centre at the Brno exhibition centre and other centres in the regions. Jan Grolich, Governor of the South Moravian Region, welcomed the universities’ offer of assistance.

“We want to vaccinate as soon as possible and we cannot do so without volunteers in the administration and elsewhere. We also want to fine-tune the operation of vaccination centers to the last detail, and simulations can help a lot. Many thanks to our universities. This is good news for South Moravia,” said Grolich.

A simulation was created by experts from BUT to help set up an effective system in regional vaccination centres. 

“A delay of a single second for each patient means that the first million doses of vaccine will be administered cumulatively almost two weeks late,” said Tomáš Apeltauer, head of the Department of Informatics at BUT’s Faculty of Civil Engineering. 

MUNI offered to assist by sending volunteers to help the region and Brno University Hospital (FN Brno). The university will also provide administration facilities. 

“Masaryk University is aware of the need to prepare for mass vaccination and therefore, as in the spring, we are ready to provide all the knowhow of our Volunteer Center and, if necessary, our volunteers will certainly be available,” said Martin Bareš, Rector of MUNI.

On January 11th, representatives of the South Moravian Region and FN Brno agreed on the cooperation. Details of the help to be provided by the universities will be finalised by the universities, the region and FN Brno this week.  

“FN Brno very much welcomes any volunteer help, because in addition to vaccination, we have on our shoulders the highest numbers of COVID positive patients from the entire country, as well as super-specialized patient care irreplaceable in the whole region and other healthcare facilities,” said Jaroslav Štěrba, Director of FN Brno.

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