Czech Government Extends PES Level 5 Until January 22nd

The number of daily new confirmed cases of coronavirus hit a new record this week. By a decision of the government, restaurants, pubs and ski resorts will remain closed. Due to the deteriorating situation, a decision to tighten measures further could take place next week, according to the Health Minister Jan Blatný. Photo: Prague. Credit: KB / BD.

Czech Rep., Jan 7 (BD) – The current most restrictive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Czech Republic will continue until at least January 22nd, the Health Minister Jan Blatný confirmed in a briefing after today’s cabinet meeting.

The government also decided this morning that ski resorts will remain closed and a free antigen test programme, expected to end in mid-january, will be extended. 

Currently, the fifth level of the anti-epidemic system (PES) is in effect. Pubs and restaurants remain closed, a 9pm curfew is in place, and gatherings are limited to two people. According to the Minister, a decision on tightening measures further will be made next week.  

On Wednesday, a record 17,668 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported in the Czech Republic, from just under 37,000 tests performed. There are currently 7,143 hospitalised patients. 

Only 20,000 doses of the recently approved Moderna vaccine will arrive in the Czech Republic; initially 80,000 doses were expected in January. According to the Minister of Health, 20,000 people have been vaccinated so far.

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