Registration For Covid-19 Vaccination To Open To General Public in February

Registration for vaccination against Covid-19 will open in mid-January for Czech residents above 80 years and to all residents in February. Priority will be given to those in high-risk groups, who should receive vaccinations by March at the latest. The speed of vaccinations depends on how quickly the country receives supplies from the manufacturers. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.   

Czech Rep., Jan 6 (BD) – A central reservation system will be launched to manage the roll-out of vaccinations against Covid-19 in the Czech Republic. It will be launched on January 15th for those older than 80 years, and then for everyone else on February 1st. However, priority will be given to certain groups following the three-phase vaccination strategy

The system aims to facilitate straightforward reservations for vaccination dates and make reservations available in each region on a single platform. Residents can signal their interest and consent to be vaccinated by completing an online registration form, and the data submitted will allow the system to evaluate the priority of applicants. A point system will determine the specific date offered to each applicant. 

During a press conference, Health Minister Jan Blatny confirmed that the highest priority group includes around 600,000 people, including healthcare professionals and those aged over 80 years old. People in this group should receive their vaccinations by March at the latest. 

Blatny added that the speed of vaccinations will depend on how quickly manufacturers can get supplies to the Czech Republic. The Pfizer vaccine is already in use, but the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has now also approved the Moderna vaccine for use in the European market. 

Young people in good health could receive vaccinations at the turn of spring or in the summer. Around 5 million people could be vaccinated by the end of summer. Data on how many vaccines have been delivered and administered should be published every Thursday by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry has also introduced a new version of the anti-epidemic PES system.

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