Balet NdB Promotional Clip Named In Top 10 Ads of 2020

In September, the ballet company of the Brno National Theatre (Balet NdB) launched a high-energy promotional clip for their new season, filmed at Brno-Turany Airport. The ad has now been named as one of the 10 best of 2020 by Marketing Journal, a Czech advertising website. Photo credit: Arthur Abram.

Brno, Jan 6 (BD) – In September, Balet NdB launched a three-minute advert for their 2020/21 season, filmed at Brno-Turany Airport and featuring the entire Balet NdB ensemble. The inventive and visually dynamic video features dancers from the company invading the airport and causing havoc, including characters from all of the performances approaching in the coming season, many of which have sadly not been staged due to the ongoing anti-epidemic measures. 

Despite being the work of an in-house team at Balet NdB, rather than a professional advertising company, the video has now been deservedly recognised as one of the 10 best advertising clips of 2020 by Marketing Journal, a Czech advertising website, who described it as “masterpiece full of dance, joy and surprising twists.” The top 10 also included ads from McDonalds, Apple, and Adobe Photoshop. You can see the full list here.

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