Luzanky swimming pool. Credit: Brno City Municipality

City of Brno Seeks Contractor For New Swimming Pool at Lužánky

The Lužánky swimming pool project is entering its next phase. Brno City Council has approved the launch of a tender process to select a contractor to build the 25-meter pool. Title image: STAREZ-SPORT.

Brno, Dec 22 (BD) – The construction of a new 25-meter swimming pool at Lužánky Park is a strategic project of the City of Brno. The project is now entering its next phase, as Brno City Council approved the launch of the tender process for the public contract for the construction.

“Next year, we are looking forward to one of the largest sports investments in the city. A new 25-meter pool will join the current 50-meter pool at Lužánky. As a result, international swimming competitions can take place at the swimming stadium, and it can be used by schools and the public at the same time. If all goes well, the selected company will start work in February next year. It should be ready in the autumn of 2022,” said the Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková (ODS).

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First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL) highlighted the importance of the new pool: “One of the main reasons is the general lack of swimming facilities in Brno, meaning the demand for organized or public swimming is not met. At the same time, Brno lacks enough pools for school swimming training, so some pupils have to travel outside the city.” According to Hladík, the pool will have eight full lanes, with another smaller teaching pool for children alongside. The new swimming pool will also be used for heats in various swimming competitions.

The new pool will be built in the space formerly occupied by a 16-meter training pool, a rowing machine, and under a disused park by the main entrance to the building. It is expected that existing technologies (storage tanks, sand filters and circulating pumps) will be used to operate the pool. “We have consulted on the project with representatives of swimming sports. Our goal is to build a swimming pool suitable for swimming, water polo, international competitions, and so on. The dimensions have been adapted to meet the rules of the International Swimming Federation,” said Jaroslav Suchý (KDU-ČSL), City Councillor for Sports.

As part of the construction, the entrance areas of the current swimming pool, the terrace, the footbridge to Sportovní and part of the rear side of the existing swimming pool will be reconstructed. Surrounding areas, sidewalks and parking spaces in front of the pool and along the road leading to the gym will be revitalized. The premises will be fully accessible and there will be a grandstand for 200 people by the new swimming pool.

“We expect the construction costs to be CZK 205 million, which is set in the tender documentation as the maximum permissible. For funding, the city will apply for a grant from the National Sports Agency, with a maximum amount of CZK 90 million, and up to 70% of the total cost,” added Hladík.

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