Direct Electric Train To Run Between Hustopeče and Brno

The newly upgraded line will make transport between the two stations easier, especially for seniors, less mobile passengers and families with prams, as it avoids the transfer at Šakvice. The regular connection of this route will be maintained. Photo credit: AD / BD.  

Brno, Dec 11 (BD) – As of Sunday, December 13th, an electric train will run directly between Hustopeče and Brno, thanks to the modernization and electrification of the line between Šakvice and Hustopeče.

“For the South Moravian Region, and especially the Hustopeče area, completion of the construction of the Brno-Hustopeče line means a fundamental improvement of the connection with Brno and other cities. The improvement will be felt especially by seniors and less mobile passengers. They can now take one train with one ticket not only to the Brno central station, but also to Lesná or Králova Pole, without the need for a transfer, or having to deal with parking problems or traffic jams on the D2 motorway,” said the South Moravian Governor Jan Grolich.

The line will operate in addition to the regular connection by R13 train which includes a transfer onto a bus in Šakvice. The direct train journey takes less than 45 minutes and is scheduled every 30 minutes during peak hours and once an hour during off-peak hours and weekends. 

The new line will improve regional transport and bring new opportunities to the citizens of Hustopeče and surrounding areas. “The new Brno-Hustopeče line is also technically important, as it facilitates the long-term transport plans of the South Moravian Region to support rail transport to popular destinations such as Hustopeče, while at the same time maintaining the capacity of regional trains on the less busy Šakvice-Břeclav route,” added Regional Transport Councilor Jiří Crha.

The South Moravian Region has organized a special train to run a day earlier in commemoration of the new route. This trip is designed for representatives of the organizations involved in the development of the line, and also for interested members of the public who have obtained a special free ticket in advance. 

“Citizens can expect further improvements in about two years, when a new low-floor unit acquired by the South Moravian Region will enter into operation, replacing the existing old trains. Journey times will be shortened, travel will become more comfortable, and traffic efficiency will increase,” added Grolich.

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