Credibility of the European Union In Czech Republic Grows Again After Spring Decline

8 in 10 Czechs feel a sense of belonging to Europe, according to a November survey by the STEM agency. Today, 57% of citizens are satisfied with the Czech Republic’s membership in the European Union, following a decline to 46% in the spring. In the long-term, people with a better standard of living are significantly more satisfied with the country’s membership in the European Union, and EU membership also finds more support among younger people and those with higher education. Photo credit: Vlada Archive.

Czech Rep., Dec 9 (BD) – The increase in confidence comes despite the deteriorating perception of the domestic economic situation, which has historically been strongly linked to pro-EU feeling. Czechs appreciate the EU’s contribution to vaccines and medicines and the removal of barriers to the import and export of food and other goods, and acknowledge the EU’s help managing the current economic crisis. On the other hand, Czechs tend to feel that their national representatives cannot influence key decisions at the EU level.

66% expressed either a hesitant consent or opposition to Czech membership of the EU. 18% of citizens are strongly opposed to membership.

Chart: “Are you personally generally satisfied with our membership of the European Union?”. Source: STEM, 12/2020.

The growing popularity of the EU has been observed in the second survey in a row. In September 2020, 52% of the population was satisfied with EU membership. In the spring months, when the Covid epidemic hit the country for the first time, satisfaction with the EU fell to 46%.

The research by the non-profit institute STEM was carried out using a representative sample of the population of the Czech Republic older than 18 years from October 22nd to November 2nd, 2020. 1,003 respondents participated in the poll.

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