Brno FishDrive: Will Carp Be on The Menu This Christmas?

Fish is typically served at the Christmas table in the Czech Republic. Carp is the traditional choice and has been on the Czech Christmas Eve menu since the 1950s. This December 21st and 22nd, OCEAN48 will hold a FishDrive in Brno, allowing customers to drive up to the stalls to collect their pre-ordered fish. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes. 

Brno, Dec 7 (BD) – A typical Christmas Eve in the Czech Republic will have fish on the menu, with carp as the most traditional option. This year, OCEAN48, a company specializing in the import of fish, will save customers the stress of purchasing their Christmas fish in-store with a unique FishDrive service, with which they can pick up their pre-ordered fish without getting out of the car. 

Serving carp for Christmas has been a Czech tradition for many years. The recipe first appeared in Magdalena Dobromila Rettig’s cookbook between the First and Second World Wars. The most popular recipes for carp were black, prepared with gingerbread, nuts and plums, and blue, prepared with vinegar or white wine. 

While carp is the classic choice, more and more exotic fish are appearing on the Christmas table. According to OCEAN48’s Martin Baráček, Czechs show a great desire for change or experimentation. Salmon is growing in popularity, and more Czechs are choosing to buy fish which are not common in the Czech Republic such as halibut, sea bass and perch. 

This Christmas, OCEAN48 will hold a FishDrive in the parking lot of Brno’s Za Lužánkami football stadium, and also for the first time at the Brno Exhibition Grounds. On December 21st and 22nd, stalls will open for customers to drive up to and collect their pre-ordered fish.

Orders can also be picked up from eight other locations in Brno. Reservations are limited and can be made on the OCEAN48 Christmas website.

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