Share the Christmas Spirit and Help Those in Need

December 1st marks the international day of generosity known as Giving Tuesday. Here is a round up of ways you can get involved and help others this Christmas season, by volunteering on the MUNI Helps app, donating to worthy causes, baking for hospital staff or raising awareness of spinal cord injuries. Photo credit: KK / BD.  

Brno, Nov 30 (BD) – December 1st is a global day of generosity, known as Giving Tuesday. People around the world will perform acts of kindness by generously giving their time, money, voice and advocacy to support causes and communities. Here are just some of the ways that you can help someone out this Christmas season. 

Raise Awareness about Spinal Cord Injuries 

The organization, ParaCENTRUM Fenix, helps people with spinal cord injuries, who are often permanently confined to wheelchairs. This year, the Spin Campaign, which is working with Giving Tuesday, will focus on sharing life stories and educating people about spinal cord injuries. To support this cause, you can donate and raise awareness by joining the Facebook event


Help someone buy their groceries and medicine, assist the elderly, or help with babysitting through the MUNI Helps application. This app was created in response to the coronavirus epidemic and connects volunteers with those in need.


Spare some clothes and warm items for the community closet, and help Brno’s homeless stay warm this winter. Donate on the first Wednesday of each month (December 2nd) between 4pm and 8pm at Brno’s Department of Social Care on Křenová 20. 

Give a Christmas gift to children whose parents are serving prison sentences with the Angel Tree Collection. Gifts can be donated at the Department of Health office at Dominikanske náměstí 3. More information can be found at

Give presents to senior citizens without family with Santa’s Grandchildren (‘‘Ježíškova vnoučata’’). 

Donate a CZK 100 voucher via Nocleženka to give a homeless person somewhere to sleep for the night and a warm meal.

Show your appreciation for the staff and volunteers in hospitals by preparing a sweet or savoury snack for them. More information can be found on the South Moravian Center for Foreigners Facebook page.

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