Masaryk Oncology Institute Adopts Arctic Fox in Brno Zoo

While the zoo has been closed since October 9th, there are still many ways to offer support. Adopting an animal is a significant contribution to zoo management. Radiology assistants at the Masaryk Oncological Institute recently adopted an Arctic Fox as a kind gesture during Advent. Photo credit: Matyáš Slavík / Brno Zoo. 

Brno, Nov 27 (BD) – Radiology assistants at the Masaryk Oncology Institute (MOÚ) made a kind gesture towards Brno Zoo by adopting an Arctic Fox. Adoption is a contribution which helps the zoo cover the annual costs of the animal. The amount roughly corresponds to the total cost of breeding one animal of a certain species and can range between CZK 500 and CZK 60,000. 

In the case of the Arctic Fox, the contribution is CZK 5,000. Representatives of the institute wrote on social media that ‘‘Those who cannot speak also need our support. A team of radiology assistants and MOÚ assistants took care of that. They adopted the Arctic Fox, so they contributed in difficult times to Brno Zoo. Thanks to the whole team!’’ 

Brno Zoo has been closed since October 9th, but there are ways to support the zoo from a distance. Gift vouchers, tickets, season tickets and animal adoptions are available online via the e-shop.

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