Eight Students From Belarus To Study in Brno With Support Of MUNI

In response to the recent political situation in Belarus, Masaryk University offered grants and scholarships to Belarusian students. Eight students will join various programs within the university with the support of this initiative. Photo: Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine. Credit: Masaryk University Archive.

Brno, Nov 27 (BD) – Masaryk University (MUNI) will support eight Belarusian students who will be coming to Brno. The support is in the form of a residence scholarship in the amount of CZK 15 000, with further support from individual faculties and also the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

MUNI made an offer of scholarships and grants to Belarusian students and scientists in response to the recent political situation in Belarus.

“We are not indifferent to the situation in the Republic of Belarus. These students have the full support of our university in order to make their financial situation as easy as possible with regard to the chosen field of study,” said MUNI Rector Martin Bareš.

Eight students will be studying various programs at the university. Three students will be at the Faculty of Science, one at the Faculty of Medicine, three at the Faculty of Economics and Administration and two at the Faculty of Social Studies. 

MUNI is prepared to finance scientific grants from the university’s own internal Grant Agency with support from the individual faculties. 

“Belarusian students and academics are striving for democratic change in their own country, which is suffering for it now. That is why we must be accommodating and, as we once received support from the West, we now provide it to our persecuted friends,” sai Břetislav Dančák, the Vice-Rector for Internationalization.

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