Visit Around 700 Statues of Brno Online

The statues of Brno have been compiled into a virtual map, on the newly launched website Sochařské Brno. The extensive map allows people to discover historical and modern sculptures of Brno from the comfort of their own home. Photo: Markrabě Jošt of Luxembourg, a bronze sculpture by Jaroslav Róna (2015) in Moravské náměstí. Credit: KK / BD.

Brno, Nov 24 (BD) [Updated 27 Nov 11:50] – The Department of Culture and the GIS Section of the Department of Urban Informatics of the City of Brno launched “Sochařské Brno” on Monday, a new website featuring an extensive map of around 700 historical and modern sculptures around Brno via an online platform.

The English version of this site became operational on Thursday, November 26th.

The name of the website Sochařské Brno was inspired by the book with the same name ‘Sculptor Brno 1989–2019’, published last year by Masaryk University.

The map allows viewers to navigate the statues of Brno online and includes information about sculpture competitions and city-organised projects. Statues, monuments, memorial plaques, busts and other small architectural objects have been recorded on the map and can be filtered by type, city district or designer.

“Currently, the GIS map on the web has records of around 700 objects from about the 18th century to the present, which also includes realizations from the Sculpture for Brno project. If people happen to come across an object that is not included in the map, do not hesitate to contact us and the staff of the Department of Culture will include it in the register,” said Marek Fišer, Brno Council Member for Culture.

Several more statues will be installed as part of the Sculptures for Brno project to commemorate important personalities, anniversaries and historical events. The following sculptures have been approved for creation in the future:

  • Marie Restituta Kafková, Marie Restituta Park in Husovice
  • Gregor Johann Mendel, Mendlovo náměstí
  • Eliška Rejčka, Mendlovo náměstí
  • Kurt Friedrich Gödel, Pekařská
  • Jan Gajdoš, Slovanské náměstí
  • Fridrich Wannieck, Vaňkovka complex
  • Bohuslav Fuchs, corner of Česká and Veselá

The website also provides information for artists. “They can find out about sculpture competitions and how to enter them, they will find the terms of reference or the composition of the evaluation committee. It is, therefore, another step not only towards clarity but also towards transparency of the whole process,” said Fišer.

If you are interested in virtual tours around Brno, visit Mendel Museum or explore Veveří Castle

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