Brno’s Christmas Tree To Be Transported to Namesti Svobody This Weekend

Following a tradition dating back to 1924, the tree will travel by horse-drawn carriage from Bilovice forest to Brno on Saturday. Due to the current measures, there will be no accompanying cultural program, but citizens can send their festive wishes to TIC Brno, which will become part of a gallery of messages at the end of November. Photo credit: Micha Ruzicka / TIC Brno.  

Brno, Nov 19 (BD) – On Saturday, November 21st, this year’s Christmas tree will arrive at Brno’s Namesti Svobody. The tree will be ceremonially handed over to the City of Brno in Bilovice nad Svitavou, before being transported to Brno per an age-old tradition.

Brno has been following this tradition since Christmas 1924, established by the writer Rudolf Tesnohlidek. Every year, a Christmas tree is taken from Bilovice forest to Brno by horse-drawn carriage, supplied by the Czech Red Cross. The fir tree, around 25 years old, is taken from Mendel University’s Krtiny Forest School.

“Thanks to Rudolf Tesnohlidek, we have a unique tradition in Brno that still lives on today. The first Tree of the Republic was lit on Namesti Svobody in December 1924, following the example of Copenhagen, and thanks to the collection from that, the Dagmar Children’s Home was built and opened. I am glad that we will also remember this tradition of helping the needy this year, when it is very much needed in the current situation,” said the Mayor of Brno, Marketa Vankova.

This year, as the event is complying with the current measures, the normal cultural program will not be included, and the carriage will not make any scheduled stops. However, the journey will be documented through photographs from the moment of the handover, throughout the journey, and on arrival in Brno. 

 “This year’s Christmas will be different than in previous years, without ostentation, quite possibly without the slightly unnecessary shopping spree. That’s why we must be good and think of traditions. This will return some things even more to the original mission and essence, such as the Brno Christmas tree. We are honored that it will come from the university forests for the 31st time. I believe that in difficult times for all of us, this will please the souls of Brno citizens,” said Danuse Nerudova, Rector of Mendel University.

While spectators are discouraged from gathering, they can still take part in the journey by sending messages online to the event organizers. 

“We are especially sorry that children will miss this experience this year. Therefore, we are launching the Christmas Tree message challenge, which will allow us to be together virtually at least. Send us a message, picture or video, or share it on your social networks with the hashtag #brnenskevanoce #vzkazstromu. At the end of November, we will share a gallery full of messages, which will shorten the time we have to wait to illuminate it together on Namesti Svobody next year,“ explained Jana Janulikova, Director of the event for TIC Brno.

Further details of the event can be found on the Brno Christmas website and messages can also be sent via email to

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