Czech Government To Request Extension of State Of Emergency

The Czech government plans to ask for an extension of the state of emergency at the next government meeting. The Minister of Health Jan Blatny will introduce a new anti-epidemic system (PES) on Friday, which will regulate measures in response to the pandemic according to the current level of risk. Photo credit: KB / BD.

Czech Republic, Nov 11 (BD) – According to the Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamacek, the government will ask for an extension of the state of emergency currently set to end on November 20th. The request will be made at the next government meeting and will then be discussed by the Chamber of Deputies. 

The current state of emergency was declared by the government on October 5th. The period can only be extended by 30 days at any one time and needs approval from the Chamber of Deputies. According to Hamacek, if another extension is be approved, it could last until around Christmas. 

The Minister of Health, Jan Blatny, will introduce an anti-epidemic system (PES) to the Government Council for Health Risks on Friday. The table will regulate the loosening and tightening of measures according to the current risk level. The acronym PES was suggested by Lenka Pribylova from Masaryk University and chosen by the minister. Blatny also said that the system will be modified as the situation develops.

Previously, Blatny stated that the strictness of the measures would be determined by the level of risk, as evaluated according to the number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past two weeks, the number of elderly people who are infected, the reproductive number and the ratio of tests coming back positive. 

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 15,727 positive cases were recorded on Wednesday November 4th, from 45,469 carried out. Since then, the number of positive cases has fallen, but so has the number of tests. Last Sunday, only 13,724 tests were performed, detecting just 3,608 positive cases.

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