City Gallery Project To Revitalise Cejl

The project aims to bring a “new, visually strong character” by installing large murals on the facades of buildings in the area, designed by prominent Czech and World artists.  Title Image: Mestska Galerie.

Brno, Nov 4 (BD) – The Mestska Galerie (“City Gallery”) is envisioning a new chapter for the so-called Brno Bronx, the area between the streets Koliste, Francouzska and Cejl. As part of the New Bronx project, the City Gallery plans to transform the formerly deprived area into an organic part of the City of Brno. 

Two large murals are being painted on buildings in Brno-central and three in Brno-north. The locality has already begun to experience dynamic transformation, which the City Gallery intends to deepen, to increase the potential for this area to become a creative district which may be attractive for visitors. 

The City Gallery project is one of the Dame na vas (“We Give To You”) initiatives and the City of Brno has provided a budget of CZK 1,439,011. The amount will cover the first five paintings, but the City Gallery project will create 20 to 30 murals over time. Private home-owners and other institutions will provide the facades of their buildings to the project.

On Tuesday, November 3rd, artists from Malujeme jinak (‘‘We Paint Differently’’), Lukas and Ales Veseli, began drawing the outline of one of the selected murals, a caricature of the famous geneticist, G.J. Mendel, illustrated by Vendula Chalankova and Petr Lysacek. The artists’ work can be seen at Cejl 28 for several days. 

The Brno Bronx project could develop a new atmosphere, attractive for youth and artists, as creative projects are realized across the locality. Earlier this year, Brno Council gave the green light to the BRNOX II revitalization project overseen by Katerina Seda. Other projects include Ghettofest and activities arranged by Barvy brnenskeho Bronxu (‘‘The Colors of the Brno Bronx’’). 

The participatory budget to support more initiatives to improve Brno is currently open to public vote until November 30th.

See the chosen designs below:

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Image credit: Mestska Galerie via Facebook.

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