Czech Republic To Experience the Tail-End of Hurricane Epsilon

This week, there will be plenty of fog and clouds, but temperatures will remain relatively high. The second part of this week will see the tail-end of what was once Hurricane Epsilon, the second major hurricane to form in the Atlantic this month. Title image: Current data from MSG satellites, recorded on October 27th 2020 at 11:15. Credit: CHMI Portal.

Czech Rep., Oct 27 (BD) – The weather this week will be very changeable – the first cold front hit the country on Monday. On Thursday we can expect another cold front due to the low pressure brought by Hurricane Epsilon. 

On Tuesday, it will be cloudy to overcast, with occasional rain or showers. Afternoon highs will reach 13°C, and 15°C in the east. 

On Wednesday’s public holiday, when Czechs celebrate the birth of the independent Czechoslovak republic in 1918, it will be partly cloudy to cloudy, with temperatures between 10 and 14°C. The lowest night temperatures will be 5-1°C, and some places will see the ground frost. In the east, temperatures should remain at around 7 ° C.

What remains of Hurricane Epsilon will arrive in the Czech Republic on Thursday, bringing cloudy to overcast weather, and some rain or showers. The highest daily temperatures will be between 9 and 13°C with the mild western wind. Epsilon, which narrowly missed Bermuda late last Thursday, was the second major hurricane to form in the Atlantic in October.

Cloudy skies with occasional rain showers will prevail on Friday. The weekend will see changeable weather.

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