This Week To See Pleasant Rise in Temperature, Up To 18°C

After a cold and rainy period, a warm southern current will arrive in the Czech Republic, bringing afternoon highs of up to 18°C. Another change in the weather, bringing precipitation, will come with the crossing of a cold front on Friday. Photo credit: KB / BD.

Czech Rep., Oct 19 (BD) – Partly cloudy to cloudy weather, with fog or low clouds in some places, is expected for the first half of this week and Thursday. 

At night temperatures could drop to between 8 and 4°C, but during the day they may reach between 14 and 18°C. The western part of the country will experience higher temperatures than the east.

In places where fog or low clouds persist for most of the day, temperatures will stay around 12°C.

On Friday during the day, with the passing cold front, cloudy skies will start to arrive from the west, and rain will follow. On Saturday it will be mostly cloudy and rainy, and in the morning, drivers in particular should be aware of the decreased visibility caused by fog.

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