In Brief: Severe Weather Alert in Czech Republic

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) issued a warning for heavy rain, snow, and flooding in some areas of the country. The heavy rain should last until Wednesday night. Image: Map of Warning information Czech Hydrometeorological Institute [Updated: Oct 14, 11:18am]. Credit:

Czech Rep., Oct 14 (BD) – Poor weather conditions are expected, as deepening pressure advances from Hungary across Poland, to affect the weather in the Czech Republic. A warning has been issued by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) for heavy rainfall, snow cover and flooding. 

In northern regions of the country, low pressure will lead to heavy rainfall between 60 to 80mm over 24 hours. Other regions may experience 30 to 60mm of rain over 24 hours. 

Due to lower temperatures and higher precipitation, a mix of wet and fresh snow can be expected in the north and north-east of the country. There could be between 10 to 30cm of new snow in regions above 700m. 

However, central regions such as Vysočina may temporarily experience wet snow. 

The heavy precipitation is anticipated to end during the night between Wednesday and Thursday. Find further information about the current warning in the Czech Republic from CHMI. 

CMHI reported the first snowfall of the season in the Jeseníky mountains. The snow fell on Sunday night, leaving adverse conditions on Monday morning, causing roads in the area to close temporarily. 

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