In Photos: Brno Landmarks Lit Up For Culture

Theatres in Brno joined the #Kulturunezastavíš (Don’t Stop Culture) Initiative on Monday evening. The facades of cultural landmarks across the Czech Republic were illuminated as a symbol of the importance of culture in public lives. Photo credit: KJB / BD.

Brno, Oct 13 (BD) – Cultural landmarks around Brno sent a clear signal by joining the #Kulturunezastavíš (Don’t Stop Culture) Initiative on Monday evening. Light shone from galleries and theatres across the Czech Republic, which had planned performances, exhibitions, concerts, openings and film screenings. 

At 7:30pm, the buildings were illuminated, not in protest at the measures mandated from October 9th, but as a reminder of the importance of culture to society, and to affirm that culture will live on whatever the circumstances. Participating venues included the National Theater in Prague, the Klicpera Theater in Hradec Králové, and the Czech Philharmonic. 

See the #Kulturunezastavíš lights captured in Brno

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Photos taken by Kim Bingel.

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