Four of the Best Taquerias in Brno

There’s no need to wait to visit Mexico before having your first taco experience, they are right here under your nose! Mexican restaurants have taken Brno by storm with their epic tacos, and Brno Daily had the tough job of finding out where you can find the very best places to get your fingers dirty without any shame. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Oct 11 (BD) – When they hear the word Mexico, the first thing to come to the mind of any street-food lover is: tacos! Believed to have originated in Mexican silver mines in the 19th century, this Mexican staple has travelled just as far as Mexicans themselves. Ever wondered why taquitos look like a stick of dynamite? That may have to do with what is considered to be the first type of taco that was created, known as “taco de minero.”

Whether prepared with meat, fish, or shrimp, tacos have a strong claim to be the king of street foods. Out of love for tacos, and to make life easier for taco lovers in Brno, I spoke to native Mexicans living in Brno to get their best tips. There are several restaurants in the city selling tacos, but after visiting all the candidates myself, these are my firsthand recommendations for a special Brno taco experience.

#1 Blue Demon Bistro

Bratislavská 12

Blue Demon Bistro is your first place to go for tacos in Brno. Made with a corn-based golden brown, soft but crispy tortilla, the taco is then layered with a perfect amount of cheese. The ingredients are nicely loaded, consisting of chopped tender and juicy cochinita, spiced with cinnamon, that melts into your mouth at the first bite. The fresh chilli and diced purple onions gives the taco a finished colourful look. All the loaded ingredients have a purpose as you dig into the taco, the ingredients explode with their distinct flavours in a perfect combination. Their special taco de cochinita pibil is a must-try!

The restaurant is English-friendly, but does not do home deliveries at the moment, though customers can order and pick up their orders in person. If you choose to eat at the restaurant, it offers a spacious and relaxing atmosphere. 

Blue Demon Bistro. Photo Credit: VU / BD.

Until December 19th, you can visit Blue Demon Bistro at their current address. After this date, the restaurant will move to a new location to be announced.

#2 Bistro Bastardo

Náměstí Svobody 21

You can never go wrong with Bistro Bastardo’s nicely-layered corn-based tortilla with cheese. The tortilla is showered with coriander, charred chilli, spicy chorizo, and pickled onion. The meat is tender and juicy with the vegetables making it look inviting. To finish, the taco is drizzled with some lime and salsa for an unbeatable taste that can only be experienced. Vegans and pescatarians are also catered for on the menu.

The restaurant does home deliveries and is English-friendly.

Bistro Bastardo. Photo credit: VU / BD.

#3 Taco Bonito

Masarykova 37

An ideal taco is perfectly studded and wrapped in a thin-layered but airy tortilla, and Taco Bonito offers just that, along with warm hospitality that leaves you smiling while you eat. To describe how delicious the tacos are at Taco Bonito would be Mission Impossible; they give you a “wow” moment, and memories that only going back again and again can satisfy. The meat is soaked with just the right amount of salsa, with the vegetables, chilli, and manchego cheese giving the taco extra softness. Home deliveries are available and English-friendly service is guaranteed.

Taco Bonito. Photo credit: VU / BD.

#4 Roburrito Brno

Pekařská 20

Tacos from Roburrito Brno are a magical ensemble of fresh leaves, chopped cabbage, and onions. At Roburrito Brno, attention is not only paid to the ingredients but also to the preparation. When loaded up, the tacos bulge with pickled onion and perfectly seasoned beef, and the tortilla is light, so you don’t feel too heavy after eating. The cheese (if you decide to add it) and spicy chorizo can only enhance your taco. Roburrito offers English-friendly service and home deliveries.

Roburrito Brno. Photo credit: VU / BD.

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