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Weather Report: Cooler Temperatures and Rain Expected This Weekend

Prepare for several days of rain in Brno from Saturday, along with a temperature drop of several degrees on Sunday. Temperatures could go as low as 3°C, but the weather should pick up again near the end of next week. Photo credit: KK / BD.  

Brno, Oct 8 (BD) – According to meteorological forecasts, the temperature in Brno is predicted to drop on Saturday, followed by several days of rain with a steady decrease in temperature, before the weather picks up again later next week. 

Friday promises fairly warm weather with a high of 20°C during the day and low of 8°C in the evening. Cloudy skies are expected later in the day with a light wind. 

Saturday will see similar temperatures to Friday. However, it is a day for umbrellas and raincoats as cloudy skies in the morning will give way to an 80% chance of rain in the afternoon followed by light showers in the evening. 

The weather on Sunday will be cool with periods of sun. The temperature is predicted to drop to 14°C during the day and 6°C at night. Occasional showers are expected throughout the day, with about 7.6mm of rainfall.

Temperatures will continue to drop steadily over the week to lows of 3°C, accompanied by cloudy skies and rain showers. Next Friday, the sun is expected to appear again and the temperature should begin to rise, bringing pleasant weather in Brno next weekend.

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