Police Appeal For Help To Find Unidentified Gunman In Brno-Bystrc

The police were called to Odbojářská in Brno-Bystrc on Tuesday afternoon after gunshots were heard. Several police units were dispatched to the scene, but the shooter managed to escape, and the police are now appealing for witnesses to report any relevant information. Photo credit: KK / BD.

Brno, Oct 7 (BD) – On Tuesday afternoon at around 4pm, gunshots were heard on Odbojářská in Brno-Bystrc, alarming many residents, who alerted the police. However, the man responsible fled the scene before police arrived. According to police spokesman Petr Vala: “Although the law enforcement officers responded quickly to the situation, sending all available police patrols to the scene and even activating the intervention unit, the as-yet-unidentified man managed to disappear quicker.” 

The police are now appealing to the public for help to identify the shooter. Witnesses who saw the incident and any drivers with on-board cameras who were in the area at the time are asked to call the emergency number 158 immediately. 

Vala said “The man we are looking for is fair-skinned, around 25 to 28 years old, about 180 cm tall and has a sporty figure. He was wearing a white T-shirt with a loud motif, light blue jeans, and a cap.”

Vala added that the clear rules for firearms, which also apply to all air and gas guns, state that the weapons must be concealed at all times and firing them in public is strictly prohibited. 

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