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Unemployment Rate in the Czech Republic Stands at 2.8%

The rate of unemployment in the Czech Republic reached 2.8% in August following increases each month since February, according to new figures from the Czech Statistical Office. The report also includes data on varying rates of unemployment and economic activity by gender and age. Credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes. 

Czech Rep., Oct 6 (BD) – The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) has released August figures for employment, unemployment and economic activity among working-age residents of the Czech Republic. The results show that the unemployment rate has increased by 0.7% since the beginning of this year, to 2.8%. 

Dalibor Holý, the Director of CZSO’s Labour Market and Equal Opportunities Statistics Department, explained that: “August was an absolutely standard month as for the key indicators of the Czech labour market; people worked the same number of hours as in August 2019. Unemployment has been increasing slightly since February; however, compared to other EU Member States, the Czech unemployment rate is still the lowest.”

Three quarters of the population were employed, as of August. The employment rate among men (81.3%) was 14.1% higher than that of women. 

The statistics also show employment rates of less than 50% among those aged 15-29. By age group, the highest employment rate was for those aged between 30 to 49 (87%), compared to 76.7% for those aged 50 to 64.

The rate of economic activity reflects the percentage of the population offering services in the labour market, whether employed or unemployed (ie. excluding students, retired people, or full-time carers). Just over three quarters of the population are economically active, including 83.6% of men and 69.2% of women.

In South Moravia, 4.17% of people are unemployed as of the end of September, the fourth highest of Czech regions, and 0.96% higher than for the same period last year.

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