Reminder: National Cleanup Day Coming Up On Saturday

Cigarette butts are the most common form of litter worldwide; about 300kg of cigarette butts are dropped every second. That’s why they were chosen as the focus for this year’s World Cleanup Day, which will educate people on the importance of disposing of cigarette butts, while collecting as much litter as possible from our surroundings. Photo: Courtesy of Uklid’me Česko.

Czech Rep., Sep 16 (BD) – September 19th will see the third annual World Cleanup Day since the event was established in 2018. The focus of this year’s event is cigarette butts.

Uklid’me Česko [“Let’s Clean Up the Czech Republic”] is organising the cleanup events in the Czech Republic. They coordinate the efforts of Czech residents participating in the international cleanup day, in addition to their spring cleaning events, held every year since 2014.

This year, over 950 local events are planned so far, 35 of which are in Brno. According to Uklid’me Česko, the upcoming cleanup is even more necessary than ever, thanks to a “corona tourist season,” during which “undisciplined tourists left behind a lot of packaging from snacks and paper handkerchiefs,” made worse due to the temporary closure of waste collection centers.

For more details, see our previous story. You can get more information about the events and sign up to join one by visiting the Uklid’me Česko website. You can also find the nearest clean-up location using the interactive map.

”Let’s clean up the Czech Republic” despite Coronavirus and wear masks. Photo: Courtesy of Uklid’me Česko.
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