Patient With Coronavirus Dies of Multiple Organ Failure In Brno Hospital

Three other patients are in a serious condition and on ventilators at the anesthesiology and resuscitation clinic of St. Anne’s Hospital. Photo: St. Anne’s Hospital in Brno. Credit: FN Brno.

Brno, Sep 8 (BD) [Updated 13:45] – On Sunday evening, a patient with coronavirus died at Brno’s St. Anne’s Hospital, due to multiple organ failure. The death was the sixth related to the virus in Brno-mesto district and the 27th in the South Moravian Region.

Three other patients are confirmed to be in a serious condition: “Currently, there are three patients with Covid-19 at the anesthesiology and resuscitation clinic. They are on artificial lung ventilation and their condition is serious,” said hospital spokeswoman Dana Lipovská, as reported by Brněnský deník.

Currently, 214 patients are hospitalised in the Czech Republic, and 437 people have died from the virus. As of Tuesday morning, there are 8,424 active cases in the country, from a total of 29,279 positive tests since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the Czech Ministry of Health.

Photo: Staff of the Infectious Diseases Clinic wearing a protective suit: Credit: FN Brno.

As well as St. Anne’s Hospital, there are currently 28 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 at Brno University Hospital in Bohunice (FN Brno). 26 of them are in the hospital’s Department of Infectious Diseases, and two on artificial lung ventilation in severe condition at the Department of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care.

On average, FN Brno tests between 150 and 180 patients per day, out of a total current capacity of up to 220 patients. From October, another pedestrian test point will open, taking the maximum testing capacity to around 300 patients per day. The current capacity of the laboratories is around 400 PCR determinations. From October, it is hoped that the hospital will be able to handle up to 1,500 samples a day.

Photo: Coronavirus tests by road access performed by the staff of FN Brno. Credit: FN Brno.
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