Dr. Max on Bašty to Replace Pharmacy on Koliště as Regional Emergency Medicine Provider

The step is being taken to ensure smooth provision of 24/7 regional emergency services. According to authorities, the Dr. Max pharmacy on Bašty near Hlavní Nádraží “meets all requirements for this service” and will replace K.E.I pharmacy on Koliště as the official regional 24-hour pharmacy, effective from today. Photo credit: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, Sep 1 (BD) – From September 1st, the Dr. Max pharmacy on Bašty will replace the K.E.I. Pharmacy on Koliště as the official regional 24-hour pharmacy. This decision was taken by the South Moravian Regional Council on Monday.

According to Milan Vojta, Regional Councillor for Health, the decision was taken due to a “change in circumstances” at K.E.I., the current service provider: “Our interest and duty is to ensure the smooth provision of pharmacy emergency services. Dr. Max on Bašty meets all requirements for this service. It has been providing its nonstop service here for some time, and people have become accustomed to the availability of this service in the vicinity of Brno’s main railway station, so we assume that the change will go smoothly. The relevant agreement was approved by the regional council at today’s meeting.”

Other parts of the region have pharmacies that stay open until late at night, but are not non-stop. The council intends to expand nonstop pharmacy services to more locations in South Moravia, added Vojta. “However, there are clearly defined requirements, especially for staffing, about which it is impossible to compromise,” he concluded.

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