Close-up of mosquito sucking blood from human arm.

175 Kilograms of Larvicide Sprayed in South Moravia to Combat Mosquito Invasion

The South Moravian Region has prepared 1,000kg of larvicide to combat this year’s mosquito plague, expected to be worse than usual this year due to the wet weather conditions. Controlling the mosquito invasion is necessary in order to fight the spread of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

South Moravia, Aug 18 (BD) – In recent years, the South Moravian Region has been plagued by mosquito invasions, especially in the summer months. This year, to combat the invasion and the spread of the West Nile virus, the South Moravian regional authorities have purchased and deployed a selective larvicide. 175kg of the larvicide has been sprayed so far, of a total stockpile of 1,000kg.

According to South Moravian Governor Bohumil Šimek (for ANO), the purchase of the larvicide VectoBac WDG, which cost CZK 2.2 million, was based on the recommendations of an expert working group and the Safety Council, and was required urgently, as the larvicide can only be applied during a short window of 5 to 7 days, when mosquitoes are still in the developmental stage. The specific timing of any spraying, however, will always be the decision of the mayor of the municipality where it is taking place. 

The 175kg of larvicide sprayed so far was applied following persistent rain in the Hodonín region in June, and in the Břeclav region in July and August, as mosquitoes mostly lay eggs in standing bodies of water. According to experts from the South Moravian Regional Hygiene Office, the mosquito problem will be much more pronounced this year than in previous dry years. These problems go beyond the harassment of the local human population, said a spokesperson for the region, as mosquitoes also disturb wildlife and birds.

“Even though the main focus is still the coronavirus and related issues, the Security Council is of course also dealing with and monitoring other issues, such as drought and mosquito invasions. I would like to thank all the mayors in the affected areas, who managed the application,” said Governor Šimek.

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