US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Visits Czech Republic In First Stop Of Central European Tour

The five-day tour is a diplomatic charm offensive designed to promote US influence in the region, at the expense of Russia and China. Pompeo will continue his tour in Slovenia, Austria, and Poland. Photo credit: MZV CR.

Czech Rep., Aug 12 (BD) – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in the Czech Republic yesterday, the first stop on a tour that will see him visit four Central European countries in five days. The focus of his tour will be convincing allies in the region to reject attempts by Chinese telecoms giant Huawei to enter the 5G market in Europe. The Trump Administration has labelled the firm as a security threat.

Pompeo and Petricek in Plzen. Photo credit: MZV CR.

Pompeo arrived yesterday, and joined Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek in Plzen to visit the Patton Museum and a memorial to the liberation of the city by US troops in 1945. Today his schedule includes meeting with US and Czech tech companies to discuss 5G, as well as talks with Prime Minister Andrej Babis and a short meeting with President Milos Zeman, known for his pro-Russian and pro-Chinese stance. Pompeo will also address the Czech Senate. According to the State Department, the meetings with Babis and Zeman will be to discuss nuclear energy cooperation and “efforts to counter malign actions of Russia and communist China.” 

Photo credit: MZV CR.

After the Czech Republic, Pompeo will continue his tour in Slovenia, Austria, and finally Poland, where he will discuss the redeployment of US troops that will soon be leaving Germany, which Poland is keen to host.

Security cars in Plzen during Pompeo’s visit. Photo credit: CG / Brno Daily.
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