Astronomical Clock on Namesti Svobody To Undergo Repairs

The astronomical clock on Namesti Svobody will undergo an “urgent overhaul” after ten years of operation. This morning, the upper dome was removed. The reparations will last at least three weeks, during which the clock will be out of operation. Photo credit: TMA / Brno Daily.

Brno, Jul 9 (BD) – After ten years since its erection, the astronomical clock on Namesti Svobody will undergo what the City of Brno calls an “urgent overhaul”. The clock will remain out of operation for at least three weeks, as parts are repaired and replaced.

Photo credit: TMA / Brno Daily.

This morning, the upper dome of the ring and motor cage was dismantled using a truck crane, and taken to the Brno Technical Networks building in Barvirska, where it will be repaired, and damaged parts will be replaced. The upper part will now be covered with a waterproof tarpaulin and foil, and a protective cover will be placed over the entire clock.

“Over the past ten years, the balls dispensed by the astronomical clock have been a sought-after souvenir for the city’s residents and tourists alike. We do not want to deprive anyone of the adrenaline associated with getting them, even during necessary repairs to the clock, so we decided to hide one ball every day,” said Kristyna Cerna, Brno’s Representative for Marketing and Tourism. The glass balls will be hidden near important Brno monuments, or in places where some interesting events are taking place. GPS coordinates will help find the balls, and the rules are simple: whoever gets there first wins, and can take the ball. “This extraordinary geocache hunt will take place for the first time on Saturday, July 11, and the game will last for the entire duration of the repairs,” according to Cerna.

The upper dome, which weighs 400kg. Photo credit: TMA / Brno Daily.

Since the clock was unveiled on September 18, 2010, it has dispensed more than 7,000 glass balls, with various motifs associated with important events of the city, or important anniversaries, such as the black balls issued in August to celebrate Brno Day, or the festive Christmas balls during Advent. Altogether, the clock has released over 22 different ball motifs.

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