Construction of Chinese-Backed Spa Resort In Pasohlavky Scheduled To Start in Late 2021

The resort, planned for Nové Mlýny, in the South Moravian beauty spot of Pasohlavky, will be the biggest spa resort in Central Europe. The primary investor is Chinese property developer RiseSun. Image: Courtesy of JmK.

Brno, Jun 18 (BD) – SPA Pasohlavky, a giant spa resort planned for South Moravia that could be the largest in Central Europe, has been in the planning stages for several years. At a briefing on Wednesday, Xie Ju, CEO of RiseSun, the Chinese property developer in charge of the project, told regional administrators and political leaders that the company has now chosen an architectural design, and is hoping to begin the first phase of construction on the resort at the end of 2021. This will be followed by two further phases, with the completion of the project scheduled for 2026 at the latest.

RiseSun bought land near Pasohlávek in January 2019 for CZK 380 million. According to the contract, the company must adhere to the zoning plan and is obliged to follow a fixed schedule, submitting the zoning decision within three years and obtaining building permits within five years.

SPA Pasohlavky will cover a 20-hectare peninsula on Nové Mlýny reservoir. It will be able to accommodate up to 2,000 guests and will create 500 new jobs. 

Image by Pam Arch.

Alongside the spa, a medical rehabilitation institute will be built, using the therapeutic powers of the spa water to treat patients requiring long-term recuperative care. This project, known as Sanatorium Pálava, will be fully under the direction of Thermal Pasohlávky, which is owned by the region and the municipality of Pasohlávky.

At the meeting on Wednesday, Xie Ju struck a positive tone when talking about South Moravia: “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I could not travel home, but we are working all the more on the project. South Moravia has grown close to my heart and become my second home. We currently have a positive EIA [Environmental Impact Assessment] and the zoning decision is in progress. There has not yet been a significant observable effect of coronavirus on the implementation of the project.”

However, Bohumil Šimek (ANO), Governor of the South Moravian Region, said that the impact of the recent economic disruption on the regional budget may put the rehabilitation centre at risk: “Sanatorium Pálava is still a priority of the South Moravian Region, as the region clearly lacks medical rehabilitation care. However, the drop in the regional budget due to the coronavirus crisis means that we cannot confirm the full funding of the project. Nevertheless, Thermal Pasohlávky is still working on the project, currently completing the documentation for the building permit. After the regional elections, the new regional council will make a decision on the project based on the current financial capacity of the region. At the same time, we will try to find other possible sources of funding.

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