Video: Visualization of New Park at Nová Zbrojovka

A new park is being built in the Nová Zbrojovka area around the ZET. office. The park, which will be accessible to everyone, will have workout zones and a sports ground as well as a cinema and outdoor meeting room. Photo credit: Nová Zbrjovoka.

Brno, Jun 11 (BD) – Nová Zbrojovka, the project transforming the old factory complex near Brno-Zidenice into a modern neighborhood, has released a video providing a sneak peek into how the future park around the ZET. office building will look. The organisation has said they hope it will be open by the end of the summer, but are not setting a hard date.

The multifunctional, modern-furnished park will have workout zones, a sports ground, a cinema, an outdoor meeting room and a place for “refreshments and relaxation.” In addition, the organisation is planning to plant almost 300 trees. The park will be accessible to everyone.

Video: Nová Zbrojovka

Nová Zbrojovka

The ‘Nová Zbrojovka’ project aims to create a fully-fledged modern neighborhood that will provide quality housing, a wide range of services and shopping, and work and leisure opportunities in the vicinity of the Brno-Zidenice district. The project is a transformation of the area around the ‘old’ Zbrojovka, a factory complex that had been a production site for arms, motor vehicles, and small artillery since 1915.

The implementation of the project is planned in several stages. Rehabilitation work started in June 2016, and was followed by the removal of statically unsuitable buildings, as well as the reconstruction of several existing buildings. Reconstruction of the whole area is planned to take a total of 10 to 15 years, with a current estimation by the CPI Property Group, the real estate and investment company in charge of the project, that the entire project should be completed by 2027.

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